Kids missing school days, falling behind due to internet issues, parent says

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – A mother of two Attleboro students says her kids have been missing school days and falling behind due to internet issues.

Autumn Joseph says they’re learning from home during the pandemic and multiple days a month the internet hasn’t been connecting; especially impacting her youngest kid.

“When we have those days, when we can’t connect she just can’t go to school at all. On those days she’s falling behind, she has absolutely no connection to her teachers or the other people she’s going to school with; she’s missing content,” Joseph said.

Joseph told ABC 6, since her kids have been learning from home she’s contacted Comcast about five times to fix the problem.

“We reset the router 5 million times,” Joseph said. “I’ve even called and they tell me to reset the router. Just nothing works,” Joseph said.

Joseph posted on Facebook this week asking for help; several other people responded saying they’ve been having issues, as well.

“They also have periodic issues that seem unsolvable,” Joseph said.

ABC 6 contacted a Comcast spokesperson who, as of Thursday, didn’t respond to any questions seeing if this was a widespread problem in Attleboro. But, they would say, after ABC 6 brought it to their attention that they are looking into Joseph’s issue.

“We have been in touch with the customer to apologize and begin resolving the issue,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The Comcast spokesperson contacted ABC 6 on Friday with an update on this story, saying “there are no widespread issues or larger problems in Attleboro or the region when it comes to the health of our network.”

Click here for more information on Comcast’s network.

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