Kids play Scrabble to win $10,000

By Dana Griffin


PROVIDENCE, RI- Some of the best Scrabble players from across the county are in Providence this weekend hoping to win $10,000. They’re all kids.

The National School Scrabble Championship is timed tournaments where 4th through 8th graders try to create the best word combinations.

The highest scoring teams move on to the championship game on Sunday.

More than a hundred kids have being playing all day. The winning team gets to spend the money however they choose.

“I expect it will probably go into their college funds. They are very bright kids who have practiced all year long for today. We’re so excited to have them here. The enthusiasm for Scrabble and the enthusiasm that they bring to playing the game just is so invigorating,” said Hasbro Inc. spokesperson, Karen Davis.

The winning team will also be featured on a late-night talk show which will be revealed at a later date.

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