Kimberly Fry Hires New Lawyer

Kimberly Fry was convicted of murdering her eight year old daughter Camden, after a fight over a bath. 

Fry did not take the stand during trial…but now just three and a half weeks away from sentencing, she is speaking out about her defense, saying “I feel the representation put forth to the court wasn't what we discussed.”

In a letter written to Judge Carnes – Fry complains of “Inadequate and ineffectual legal representation provided to me. The accidental theory was never discussed with me.” She continues, “Without the presentation of a adequate diminished capacity defense, none of what happened that night can be understood.”

As a result Fry has fired public defenders Sarah Wright and John Lavoy and has hired Joseph Salvadore, who is representing fry for free.

Although the Judge has already denied Fry a new trial, Salvadore is going to try again and file a motion to vacate the prior decision and grant a new trial.

Fry's sentencing has been delayed from February 17 until March 23 so her new lawyer can get up to speed on the case.