Kimberly Fry’s Pre-Sentence Report

ABC6 News has exclusively obtained Kimberly Fry's Pre Sentence report. She is the North Kingstown mother who was convicted of murdering her 8-year-old daughter because the child would not take a bath.

During her interview with the Probation Department, Fry was crying, emotional and said, “It was like the perfect storm coming together…my daughter has a tantrum which was normal, but I was having a panic attack. I was in the middle of an awful panic attack.”

After the struggle over a bath, Fry said she took two pills of the medication Klonopin, which “…wasn't a good idea, I know that now but iIfelt like it wasn't working.”

When Fry returned to her daughters bedroom, Camden was, “…lying on the floor having a tantrum in the corner….I should have left her. I went around her. I wanted to whisper to her to try to distract her. I was holding her down. She's so loud. She won't stop. I am having a panic attack. I'm struggling in the middle of it. I hear her start to gasp. Her face is red, red, red. I thought it was because she was screaming for so long. I leaned down on her, close to her face. I put my hands on her mouth. I'm telling her, “Camden, you have to stop. You don't need to go the bed now,we can wait for daddy. We can make pudding.” Then she stopped. I'm laying on her, talking in her ear. I'm saying, “it's ok Camden. It's okay.”

Kimberly continued, “We stayed like that for a couple of minutes. I looked at her and I thought she's sleeping, wow she really wore herself out. I should have known she wasn't alive, but she looked so sweet, so peaceful. I put her to bed, kissed her and tucked her in.”

The next morning, Camden was found dead, in her bed, by her father.

Also revealed…Kimberly's struggle with mental illness. The report sites “In the weeks before the incident, she was struggling and sometimes felt suicidal.” Fry told the interviewer she was suffering from, “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” and that “…her family therapist…expressed concern about her condition about two weeks prior to the incident and wanted to hospitalize her.” Fry saying, “I downplayed how bad it was. I thought I would get through it like I always did before.”

Fry's attorney plans on asking the court for a new trial saying this is a clear case of diminished capacity. The next court date is February 3. Fry is scheduled to be sentenced March 23.