Kin Southern Table and Bar offers Providence unique dining experience

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Kin Southern Table and Bar on Washington Street in Providence offers the Ocean State a unique dining experience.

Julia Broome’s lifelong dream was to open and run a restaurant.

“Running a business in Rhode Island is not an easy feat. Being a business owner as a woman, I think there’s definitely questions that people have for you,” Broome said.

“Being that its a black-owned business, automatically people make assumptions so, its really a matter of creating an experience that people enjoy and just being true to yourself,” she continued.

Broome attributed much of her love for entrepreneurship to her mother, saying, “My mom was a huge inspiration to me when I was younger. She did trade shows just like I followed and did myself, from taking care of me every day and being an entrepreneur.”

Kin offers special events, including open mic nights, singles mixers and other forms of live entertainment.

This is a photo of entertainers at Kin in Providence. (WLNE)

Her mother said she watched her daughter’s dreams come true.

“Since she was seven, [she’s wanted] to have her own little restaurant. She has recipes from her grandmother, from her mom, and the food that she grew up on,” she said.

“This has always been something she’s wanted to do, you can tell in the restaurant’s décor that this has always been her passion,” her mother continued.

“I love offering things that you can’t necessarily find everywhere that is very southern and then I work with out kitchen essentially to sort of come up with some of the different and fun things, creating something that people love here in Rhode Island.”

Broome said its been a long and difficult but rewarding and somewhat stressful journey but she said she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Kin is located at 71 Washington St. at the Biltmore Garage in downtown Providence.

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