Kraft’s lawyers cite fake bomb threat, misrepresentation of case to get video evidence sealed

JUPITER, F.L. (WLNE) — Attorneys for Bob Kraft blasting Florida police over how they went about investigating the highly publicized prostitution bust. We’re taking a closer look at the new motions they filed arguing the video evidence in the case should not be released.

At one point in the 92 page document, Bob Kraft’s lawyers say the warrant police used was “founded on fiction.” For that reason and a slew of others, they say all of the evidence should be sealed. The number of media outlets fighting back against this is growing.

Robert Kraft’s team of lawyers fighting back against Jupiter, Florida police, bolstering their argument the judge should keep video evidence sealed.

“There’s definitely a chance. That does not mean Mr. Kraft would walk away scot–free,” says ABC 6 News Legal Analyst Ken Schreiber.

In a new, detailed motion filed this week, Kraft’s lawyers say police faked a bomb threat to evacuate the spa and install cameras.

“Police have to be as innovative as the criminal. Many, many times there are certain things that are set up that are not in any way true in order to have surveillance,” says Schreiber.

They argue police misrepresented the purpose of their investigation saying they were looking into human trafficking. Six weeks after the initial charges were made those charges still haven’t been filed. Schreiber says that could be the key for Kraft.

“If there’s a misrepresentation by any police department to obtain a warrant that has to be scrutinized, the warrant has to be thrown out, and everything from the warrant, evidence from the warrant should also be thrown out,” he says.

The Boston Globe is the latest media outlet to throw its name on the growing list protesting any evidence being sealed. They argue the public has a right to know what’s happening in criminal proceedings.

“When you balance the two arguments, made by Kraft and made by the media outlets, I think that Kraft is going to win at least for the time being,” says Schreiber.

The judge will decide next Friday.

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