La Salette display lit

The La Salette light display drawing in huge crowds of people this Thanksgiving.

"I think the best part is to go and listen to the blessing and then all the sudden go from a black parking lot and grounds to bright beautiful lights. It’s a wonderful way to welcome in the season and it’s something I’ve done every since I was a little kid and now I’m blessed to be able to do it with my children,” said Jennifer Gunnip.

The switch was flipped on at 5 pm illuminating 300,000 lights across the 10 acre property.

The lights came on to the words of the song Silent Night.

The "Festival of Lights" draws crowds from all over the country.

"It’s beyond amazing. The minute 5 o’clock hits the lights go on and the whole place just lights up and I always feel at peace,” said Diane Shiek.

The lights will be on display each night from 5pm to 9pm through January 1st.

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