Landlord arrested after tenants say they were attacked for not paying rent

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE): Frank Marr, a landlord in Warwick, was arrested by the Warwick Police Department on Tuesday after his tenants say they were attacked by Marr for being late on rent.

ABC6 News first brought you the story on Monday.

Larry Adekeye and his wife Cassandra rent one bedroom in the home on Suburban Parkway. They pay weekly but Adekeye said he is about 5 weeks overdue on rent because he hasn’t received his unemployment payments.

Marr showed up at the home, and Adekeye captured a video of his landlord, saying he destroyed the home and threatened to kill them.

Marr spoke to ABC6 News and said the two have always been good tenants. However, it had been several weeks since he received payments and he heard from other tenants that Adekeye and his wife had no plans to pay the rent.

“Larry had promised to pay me his rent saying he was waiting for his unemployment to kick in,” Marr said. “In the mix of all this, he was bragging to other tenants that he’s not paying me. He was saying we don’t have to pay rent there’s nothing.”

According to Marr, he showed up at the home to collect the rent but was pushed first and provoked.

“He pushed me, I went down and my shoulder got sprained. I got up and I retaliated, he ran back in his room, and then took pictures of me retaliating breaking up the kitchen.”

Marr said he plans to file charges against Adekekye as well.

Marr was charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault, both misdemeanors. He was released and his court date is set for September 3rd.



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