Large black bear roams through Glocester back yard

By: Melissa Randall


Well he didn't stay for very long, but a large black bear seen roaming a Glocester back yard this weekend has made quite the impression on the family he visited. For Beth Keeling it was truly the very last thing she ever expected to see while sipping her Saturday morning coffee.

“I look up and there's this huge face looking at me and it took a few minutes for my brain to wrap around what I was actually looking at!” she said.

That face belonged to a massive black bear who had somehow found his way to the village of Chepachet, and more specifically: the Keeling's back yard. The bear zeroed in on the bird feeder near the pool.

“It was that moment of this is the coolest thing that has ever happened and the scariest thing,” said Keeling.

Until this weekend the Keeling's though they'd seen it all living on Pine Orchard Road.

“We've had horses, peacocks, you know turkeys, ducks in the pool but never a bear. That's a first!” said Jake, Beth’s son.

Beth is an amateur photographer and immediately reached for her camera—snapping off as many pictures as she could. In one of those shots the bear appears to look right at her!

“Which is a scary thing because you don't know [if it’s thinking] okay you're my next meal. Or [if the bear is] just saying hi!” she explained.

But Jake, says the bear, who appears to be an adult male, kept mostly to himself. Standing at an estimated 6 feet tall and likely weighing several hundred pounds his avoidance of people was much appreciated.  

“He just kind of roamed out from the trees had a couple bites to eat on the trees back there looked around and then kept walking,” he explained.

The family says as long as the bear keeps his distance he's welcome back any time.

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