Large fire in vacant mill with heavy amounts of smoke in Fall River Tuesday morning

FALL RIVER, MASS (WLNE) – A vacant mill building went up in flames this morning.

It was the old Duro Textiles manufacturing facility on Middle and Bay Streets in Fall River.

Fire crews do not know what caused the fire, but say the building’s have a big problem with vagrants in recent years.

“We’ve had problems here before. a lot of refuse in the area, we’ve had problems with vagrants. Fire looks like it started second floor traveled up to the third floor.” Said, Chief John D. Lynch of the Fall River Fire Department.

The flames and heavy smoke began billowing from the vacant warehouse Tuesday morning shortly after 8:00 a.m.

Chief Lynch added, “Most of the windows were boarded up there. one of the problems was making entry. they had to get up there with ladders, cut the windows open, got the ladder truck set up to flow in water and knock it down.”

Residents and businesses nearby were evacuated for a few hours while crews battled the blaze due to the heavy smoke presence in the area.

The building may be vacant now, but the building has reportedly caught fire a few times in recent years when occupied by Duro Textiles LLC.

“We’re familiar with the building from back in those days. some of the younger guys don’t remember it but… it has no working sprinkler system either so, that was the deterrent. but again, the guys did a great job of setting up and attacking the fire from the outside and making entry in.” Chief Lynch, said.

Seeing as how the building is vacant, fire crews told us there was not much to burn inside. Fortunately there have not been any injuries reported while battling the blaze.

Fire crews will remain on the scene to control hot spots for another few hours.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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