LaSalle Bakery still serving up take-out Zeppole this St. Joseph’s Day

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Things are a bit different at LaSalle Bakery in Providence this St. Joseph’s Day. 

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, business is a lot slower. Still though, the bakery was serving up it’s famous zeppole to customers in any way they could.

“We’ll bring it out to your car,” owner Michael Manni Jr. said. “Just call us and tell us where you’re parked. If you don’t feel comfortable coming in, we’re happy to bring it to your car.”

LaSalle is limiting the number of guests they allow inside at one time, and making sure customers maintain a 6-foot barrier between themselves to prevent the spread of germs.  

Despite the bakery’s efforts, the number of zeppole made and sold Thursday were low.

“There are still people coming out,” said Manni, “but its more orders of two or three [zeppole], rather than two or three dozen.”

“There are no parties this year, so those big orders don’t exist,” he said.

On a normal year, bakers at LaSalle estimate they make roughly 30,000 of the Italian pastries during the week of St. Joseph’s Day. 

This year’s number is much smaller. But LaSalle will continue baking them through the rest of the month. 

The bakery will also continue offering take-out meals, pastries, and groceries to it’s customers while state restrictions for COVID-19 are in place. 

And yes, they’ll even deliver it to your car. 

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