Late season heat causes temps to rise this week

Providence, R.I. (WLNE)– Late season heat arrives this week and we are going to see the temps climb up into the upper 80’s and 90’s this week. It will be hot and humid through the week.

Jet Stream Pattern Skylar

Our jet stream for much of the summer was parked right over us, but now the jet stream has retreated north and we have a high pressure system over us that will help up reach those near 90 degree temps this week and it will also keep most of the clouds away too.

Hi Temp Panel Skylar

Today, we warm up and the further inland the warmer we get. An afternoon SE seabreeze keeps the temps from getting too hot today, but we will still see mid 80’s.

Gfs Dma Highs Euro Cape

As we head into the week it’s possible we could break some old records.


Headlines Skylar Justified

By the weekend expect some scattered showers and storms to move in Friday and Saturday which will cool us down to average temps by the weekend.


TODAY: High 86. Mostly sunny.

TUESDAY: High 89. Sunny hot, humid.

WEDNESDAY:  High 89. Hot & humid.

THURSDAY: High 91. Hot & humid.

FRIDAY: High 84. Scattered showers/storms.

SATURDAY: High 81. Mostly sunny. Chance of rain.

SUNDAY: High 78. Cooler.

MONDAY: High 80.

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