Law makers want justice for Moses, by toughening animal cruelty laws

By Ana Bottary

The story of Moses, the dog found so severely malnourished by his owner that he had to be euthanized, has sparked an effort to hold people accountable for animal neglect. Something Veterinarian Dr. Ernest Finocchio sees all too often.
"We see animals that come in here, like I told you earlier just like Moses every week," says Dr. Finocchio.

As the law stands now, If a person abandons an animal and it dies, they are charged with a felony. But, if a person keeps their animal in their home but neglects its health until the point where it dies or must be euthanized, they are only charged with a misdemeanor. People like Moses’s owner 47 year old Brian Kenney.

"What we are trying to change in these new laws that have been composed is that if that elderly dog did die in your home, we want that to also be a felony,"says Dr. Finocchio.

Two state representatives, Nardolillo and Serpa, will propose legislation in the upcoming session. Representative Serpa says that would make this type of neglect a felony and increase the current fine up to two thousand dollars, and jail time up to 5 years.
 "Impose harsher penalties, stricter sentences, so that perpetrators might think twice before they neglect, abuse and don’t take care of animals,"says Representative Serpa.

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