Lawmaker surprised to discover law on dueling is still used

By: Associated Press


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Rhode Island lawmaker says he tried to repeal a 200-year-old law about dueling because he figured no one would be prosecuted for that these days.

He was surprised to learn that a woman was recently charged with violating a section of the law for arranging a fight.

House Majority Whip John Edwards introduced dozens of bills to repeal old and unconstitutional laws in the legislative session that ended in June. None passed both legislative chambers.

Like the dueling bill, some stalled because laws Edwards targeted were still used. But the Democratic representative also couldn’t get enough support for his efforts.            

Democratic Rep. Robert Craven is on the Judiciary Committee, where many of the bills were held. He says the committee was dealing with many substantive, time-consuming issues, including gun control. 

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