Layaway Angel Pays Off Cranston Woman’s Account

It is a phenomenon that is sweeping the country. Anonymous donors are coming in to stores and paying off layaway accounts for complete strangers. Susan Santurri of Cranston had heard about the trend. She just never thought it would happen to her.

Santurri started putting Christmas presents for her family on layaway at the KMart in South Attleboro in September. She has been making payments on them ever since. She was not sure she would be able to finish. 

“I was going to have to borrow money or something,” Santurri said. “The money just wasn't there.”

But last night she got a voicemail that would turn her Christmas shopping into a gift.

“When I got that phone call, I was ecstatic. I just couldn't believe it,” Santurri said while recalling the  voicemail from the KMart cashier stating that her layaway had been paid off by a stranger. “I just started crying.”

Santurri is not the only customer at this KMart that this is happening to this season.

“We have had about 15 layaways paid off altogether,” an employee at the South Attleboro KMart said. “It just makes you feel great.”

When the donors come and ask to pay off a layaway, store employees first look for accounts with toys. Then they look for those in danger of being canceled. Santurri's would have been canceled this week if she did not come up with the rest of the money.

But instead, she is walking out with not only toys for her nieces and nephews, but a new found appreciation for strangers who care.

“I just still can't believe it,” Santurri said while lifting the box of presents into her cart. “This made my Christmas. Thank you so much whoever you are. You are a true angel.”