Leaks caused by ice on roof

By Dana Griffin



It's one of the many winter–related repairs roofing contractor, Adrian Ferreira has been called to fix this year.

“Well, the more flatter you got, the most likely you gonna have a problem with ice,” said Ferreira.

It's the ice that accumulated during the last couple of storms, creating indoor leaks caused mainly by gutter buildup.

“The water is falling and the roof, the gutter is actually coming off of the building so it could fall. It's got water and frozen ice,” said Kathy Costa.

Costa is a Taunton resident and president of her condo association. She says although she hasn't had leaks in the building, she's seen first–hand the impacts of the snow that's become so compacted, it's falling off the building.

No matter if the roof is flat or slanted, once the gutters freeze, it can create a dam, preventing the melting water from flowing away from the home.

Ferreira said, “By that time it gets to the ceiling, you already have thousands and thousands of dollars in damage.”

He says when that happens the only option is to have the ice chipped away.

“We're not gonna recommend any home owners to do that because you can have icicles fall from the roof and on you,” said Ferreira.

He also suggests keeping gutters free of debris which adds to the build up.

Heated gutters are also an option, but they can drive up heating costs.

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