Legal experts break down Brady appeal process

The NFL Players Association is expected to file an appeal in Federal Court on Tom Brady’s suspension on Wednesday.

Tuesday night, ABC 6 News Legal analyst Ken Schreiber spoke about the process ahead.

He says if the NFL players association wants to see Brady start the season they’ll likely have to file for an injunction. In order for that to be granted, Schreiber says lawyers will have to prove that the currently imposed four game suspension would cause irreparable harm to Brady.

"They're going to allege that they will prevail, that there is a likelihood (that they will prevail). They are going to allege that Roger Goodell was prejudicial towards Brady and the Patriots and it was not basically impartial,” said Schreiber.

That injunction would only last until a decision is reached by a judge in Federal Court. That's where the NFL players association is expected to appeal the decision.

Schreiber explains what Brady and his team would have to prove in order to have the NFL's ruling overturned.

"He's got to show that there was a conflict of interest that the impartial fact finder which is Roger Goodell was in fact biased that he ignored the evidence and committed errors of law even though he's a judge. And, that there's no evidence against him. That's what Brady's team is saying that it was "a sham,” said Scheiber.

We sat down with two other local attorneys Tuesday night as well. They both say Brady has a good chance when it comes to the appeal.

"I think based on the NFL rule book and past precedent he has a good chance of getting the suspension exonerated or at least reduced,” said Attorney Elizabeth Lonardo of the SMS&L Law Firm.

"It sounds like there are a number of avenues of attack that I think would legitimately cause the court to overturn the decision,” said Louise Herman an attorney at the Law Office of Louise Herman.

As for the court of public opinion…

"I think it is much to do about nothing. It's all a big war between the two sides and Goodell trying to stay like he has some guts look like he's a man in the situation,” said Bernie Clark.

"I'm not surprised punishment is punishment. I didn't think it should be four games. I thought it should be less,” said Frank Pilkington.

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