Let The Black Friday Madness Begin

From Walmart, to Target, and Best Buy, Black Friday shoppers couldn't be happier as they camped out in the almost freezing weather. Some people may think this madness is crazy, but for those taking part in the craze, it's worth it. 

        Devin Allen pitched was first in line at Best Buy. He pitched his tent at 3pm yesterday. 

                “We did this in the past and I failed, so this year I wanted to guarantee that I got the TV,” says Allen.

                 There were only ten of the TV's Allen was waiting in line for. Best Buy offered a 42' flat screen TV for 200 dollars. That's almost 500 dollars off what it would normally go for. That's why Allen says he's been in line for over 24 hours. 

                “I wouldn't be out here for any kind of tradition, I just wanted the deal,” Allen said. 

                 Best Buy is opening earlier this year at 12 am. Last year they didn't open until 5am. Some of the big box stores opened even earlier in other parts of the country, but their locations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts had to wait to abide by the Blue Laws. That meant they had to keep their doors closed until after Thanksgiving. 

                 Whatever the purchase may be, the campers were determined to get a good deal.