‘Let’s make history’: Woonsocket residents push for write-in mayoral candidate

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — A small coalition of Woonsocket residents are leading a charge to elect city councilwoman Denise Sierra as mayor through write-in votes, after the removal of former Mayor Lisa-Baldelli Hunt.

Sierra brought complaints against Baldelli-Hunt to the council, outlining accusations of failure to perform mayoral duties. She was removed by a 3-2 vote by the council earlier this month.

Estelle Bubble and Rhonda Sharron are two founders of a Facebook page that supports the initiative.

While campaigning for the councilwoman outside Woonsocket City Hall Thursday morning, Bubble explained, “We need to have another mayor, and Denise Sierra is the one we picked.”

Sharron added, “We need someone that is actually going to look out for them, and not their personal pocketbooks.”

Councilwoman Sierra told ABC 6 News in a statement Thursday she was recently made aware of the write-in push.

I’m not a stranger to the fact that the success rate of a write in candidate is a bit shy of 2 tenths of a percent, historically,” Sierra explained. “If by some miracle, I am elected on a write-in, I will do as I have always done and get to work immediately.”

Baldelli-Hunt told ABC 6 that she was made aware of two women who were making a disruption outside city hall Thursday afternoon.

“It is my understanding that they have become vulgar,” said Baldelli-Hunt. “They are using inappropriate language. They are yelling at people. These two women are supposedly going to be working the polls on election day. So, to me, there is a conflict there.”

The former mayor still calls her removal “un-American.”

“I don’t think a small group of people have the right to take a vote away. Whatever Denise Sierra does she can do. Certainly, I think people can connect the dots that it was probably part of an orchestrated plan that she had,” she concluded.

Baldelli-Hunt served nine years as mayor of the city. She remains the sole candidate on the ballot.

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