Lifespan honors its staff for their dedicated hard work during pandemic

PROVIDENCE, R.I.  – Lifespan Hospitals released a montage video dedicating their healthcare workers.

The montage displays pictures of healthcare workers from the beginning of the pandemic until present.

The images move to to Alicia Keys’ song, “Good Job”.

Dr. Timothy J. Babineau, President and CEO of Lifespan said, “The idea for this montage started with the photos that Lifespan’s photographer took for our annual Nurses Week celebration, which resulted in literally hundreds of images of our health care workers showing their heroism and tireless spirit daily. As we were reviewing the photos, it became clear that there was a powerful story in those pictures, one that words alone could not express.  That’s when we decided to create this video, to pay tribute to the ‘good job’ that health care workers around the world are doing to fight the coronavirus, and to provide a small but very heartfelt thank you from all of us in the Lifespan community.”

Frontline workers have made a great impact fighting COVID-19, the video showcases their appreciation.

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