Lights back on at Woonsocket Church

By: ABC6 News Staff
Reporting By: Liz Tufts

Members of a Woonsocket church have been forced to take their work to the streets after the power was turned off inside their building. The electricity was shut off inside the River United Methodist Church because they couldn’t pay the bill. But out of no where their prayers were answered.

The River United Methodist Church on Federal Street serves more than a thousand of the state’s less fortunate each week.

“We feed three times a week, we give out clothing three times a week,” said Pastor Rebecca Lambert.

But for the past seven days the doors have been locked and the lights turned off. Lambert has been the pastor for the past four years. She says times are tough.

“We had someone break in and steal our bank card, we had a flood, months after that we were robbed,” said Lambert.

But things got even worse last week when National Grid turned off the power and locked the doors because Lambert couldn’t pay a $938 utility dollar bill. The utilities are an issue, we can’t handle it on our own, and we need help.

For the past seven days Lambert has taken her ministry to the streets— feeding the poor out of the back of the truck. The word has spread fast and this week a local organization, The Italian Workingmen’s Club of Woonsocket opened up their wallets. The club donated a thousand dollars to get the lights turned back on.

“They get paid in clothes and food which doesn’t help pays the bills it must be tough for them because they try and help so many people,” said Mark Zagaglia of the IWC.

“I just burst out crying,” said an emotional Lambert.

The Pastor hopes the lights will be back on this week, but she knows another bill will soon arrive in the mail. She just hopes the donations keep coming, so she can continue to serve the people of Rhode Island.

“It’s awesome to know the community appreciates what we do that’s it’s not just for nothing,” said Lambert.

Lambert says she’s hosting a car wash and yard–sale at the church next Saturday. She hopes she can round up enough money to pay for next month’s national grid bill.

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