Lincoln Police Officer Testifies: “I was just defending myself.”

“I had raised my leg up to block the kick and I kicked her immediately afterwards to keep her away from me,” Edward Krawetz said on the stand, in his own defense. 

It's the defense defense. Officer Krawetz testified that he was afraid Donna Levesque was going to kick him again and possibly hit his knee, which could cause serious injury. And that's why he did this.

“I call it a snap kick… I guess a Karate instructor might call it a roundhouse kick? I'm not sure,” Krawetz testified.

The prosecution asked, “Was it hard?”

“No,” the officer responded. “I was off balance.”

The state jumped on his testimony during cross examination. “Is your left foot firmly planted?

“I can't tell,” said Krawetz.

Also attacked by the prosecution: the arrest report that does not mention the incident, which was later amended to include the kick, after a supervisor suggested it. The use of force report stating Officer Krawetz kicked her in the upper shoulders and back also came into question. 

“I was just defending myself… I didn't mean to kick her in the head.”

The judge in the case will hear closing arguments Wednesday. Krawetz's lawyer will argue he kicked Levesque in self-defense, while the prosecution will maintain that Krawetz knew what he was doing. ABC6 will have the verdict as soon as it comes down.