Lizzie Borden Movie puts Fall River in Spotlight

By Liz Tufts


The first movie based on Lizzie Borden in nearly 40 years is set to air this weekend. The television movie is now putting the city of Fall River
back in the national spotlight. People from all over the world have been flocking to the
original Lizzie Borden house, wanting to learn more about the infamous murders.

Actress Christina Ricci stars in the made for TV movie,
“Lizzie Borden Took An Ax”, but the real Lizzie grew up in a home in Fall River and is accused of killing her father and step–mother back in 1892.

No one knows the real life story of Lizzie Borden better than Lee–Ann Wilbur. She's the manager of what is now the Lizzie Borden bed and
breakfast, where visitors can spend the night and sleep in the rooms where those  murders took place. “We've had guests from all over the world, including Japan, France, Germany, Australia, ” says Wilbur.

Ever since it was announced a movie was being made about Lizzie, the bed and breakfast has been filling up. Phil Pinto owns the tap house restaurant in downtown Fall River and he's pulling out all the stops for the debut of the movie
on Saturday. “We'll have the movie up on the screens, we're hoping for
more business, and will keep the kitchen open late, ” says Pinto.

Although the movie was shot in Canada, Wilbur and the rest of Fall River are hoping more
people will be intrigued with Lizzie's story and with the city. If you stay the night inside her home, you may even hear from Lizzie herself. “I've had things happen, lights turn on, heard footsteps, ” says Wilbur.

The movie airs Saturday, January 25th on Lifetime at 8pm.