Loaded gun found in lot near Cranston high school

Photo: Everett Trainer

By News Staff


A loaded gun was found in a parking lot near Cranston High School East on Tuesday.

Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist tells ABC6 that around 2:31 p.m., a Cranston East student found the loaded revolver tucked between two curb stones while he was waiting to be picked up in the parking lot at High School Avenue and Elsie Street.

The boy’s mother contacted police who recovered the weapon with the school resource officer.

How the gun ended up in the lot is still under investigation. The parking lot is located behind the high school, but is not on school property.

Neigbors told ABC6 they were shocked. "It’s a peaceful neighborhood. We’ve never had anything like this ever happen," said one man who lives directly behind the school.

""It’s shocking. It’s totally shocking that something like this would happen," added neighbor Kathy Morrone.

Captain Gerard Carnevale of Cranston PD, said, "It was lucky that the boy called his mother and we got it that way and that someone didn’t pick it up. It could have been a dangerous situation."

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