Local auto salvage owner reacts to rising converter thefts

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Owner of J&D Auto Salvage and Sales in West Warwick says that the recent uptick in catalytic converter thefts threatens and undermines his business.

Six catalytic converters and cutting tools were seized in Seekonk over a week ago, as announced Monday by the town’s police department. Two unnamed suspects were taken into custody.

“The people that are taking them know which ones are worth money and which ones not to waste their time on,” said Mike Cavanaugh, owner of J&D Auto Sales and Salvage.

“By the time you would hear a noise and put on your slippers to go outside, they are going to be gone… Park your care where there is traffic and light,” he continued.

Cavanaugh told ABC 6 News that the recent uptick in converter thefts have threatened their everyday life. Auto salvage companies like him pay for a license to sell precious metals, while thieves attempt to get to the consumer first.

“If somebody steals a junk car or catalytic converter it doesn’t seem very important,” said Cavanaugh. “The junkyards and recycle yards should be the only ones to be able to sell. It would stop a lot of this.”

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