Local businesses having trouble with the Verizon strike

By Ana Bottary



As week two of the Verizon worker strike continues, Computer issues at Kelly’s Mobile station in Providence continue as well. The computer that controls the car wash functions has been unusable for almost two weeks now. Owner Michael Kelly believes the strike is responsible for the delay, as Verizon sends in replacements to do the work.
"They’re trying their best but they have people coming from all over the country. Yesterday for instance early in the day we had a man from Orlando, and a man from California. And none of them were even versed in the type of repairs they were out here to fix," says Kelly.
Kelly says with their current system not working. He had to go back to their old system for the time being, which does not accept cards, only cash.

"People buy candy bars, packages of gum, a coffee with credit cards. It’s a big impact on the car wash," he says.

Many of Kelly’s customers say they had to turn around when they saw this sign, as they do not always carry cash on them.
"You know I had to go get extra cash to come and do the car wash. Nobody carries cash now-a-days it’s all either credit card, or some people got that Samsung pay app," says customer Jamal Lee.
We asked Kelly if he has ever had delay issues with Verizon in the past.

"No, no problem at all. The strike is definitely impacting the service."

We have reached out to Verizon. Their spokesperson says despite the strike, they have thousands of workers servicing the area as fast and as efficiently as possible.

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