Local businesses seek safety advice following third workplace shooting in two months

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- As millions of Americans return to work, The U-S seeing an uptick in workplace violence.

There have been three shootings in the past two months, the most recent in San Jose Wednesday, where nine people were shot and killed by an employee at a railyard in California.

While this happened across the country, Captain Derek Borek of The Rhode Island State Police said the state is no stranger to this type of violence.

“You’d be remised to think that something like this wouldn’t happen in the state of Rhode Island, because it’s going to happen and you need to be prepared for it,”¬†Borek said.

Captain Borek is also an expert in school and workplace safety.

Following this recent shooting Captain Borek said he has been getting multiple calls from local businesses asking for safety advice.

“Talk to your employees about what to do in this situation, have an alert system in their building and have a discussion about where you can lock yourself into a room if need be.”

With several recent shootings in Providence and Pawtucket as well, Lisa Pina-Warren of the Noviolence Institute says the pandemic and mental health could also be a root cause of this violence.

“Mental health has been impacted across the nation, I see it in our community. Mental health is very important to acknowledge and important to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves, our families and our children as well.”

If any local business needs help creating a safety plan, The Rhode Island State Police can offer assistance.

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