Local Catholic school responds to deadly Nashville school shooting

ATTLEBORO, Mass (WLNE) — After Monday’s tragic shooting in Nashville, ABC 6 News reached out to private schools in the area for reaction to something like this happening at a private religious school. 

The president of Bishop Feehan in Attleboro, Tim Sullivan, said, “We are not immune, and we know that so, these tragedies, they’ve happened more in public schools because there are more public schools.”

We asked if private institutions prepare any differently for these life and death scenarios.

“At Feehan, we have a former Police Officer on staff here, but not in uniform, not armed, but we are very aware out our needs to be conscientious about this,” Sullivan added.

The Catholic School’s Office for the Diocese of Fall River also sent a statement in response to the events, along with their condolences to those involved in the Nashville incident, while also pointing out their partnership with Fall River police, “Communication between our schools and first responders is critical, but preparedness and prevention are at the heart of keeping everyone safe.”

“We try to do our best to follow what we’re learning around the country, we do train, we train our students, we train our faculty, you know every person at Feehan’s got a ID badge and we have doors that lock automatically, all the right, best practices, but those aren’t the only solutions, it’s a bigger problem than an ID badge and a lock,” Sullivan continued. 

The president also told ABC 6 that he believes it is not in the hands of schools to solve this, but that it’s a problem America needs to solve. 

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