Local colleagues of Justice Ginsburg mourn her death

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – As the nation mourned the loss of Justice Ginsburg, ABC 6 News heard from some of her colleagues in Southern New England.

“I did meet her. She’s basically a shy person, but there’s nothing about her decisions or dissents that was shy,” Frank Williams, the former chief justice of The Rhode Island Supreme Court, said.

He told ABC 6 News that he would never forget meeting her and the nation would never forget her achievements in fighting for equality.

“She will be remembered for being a wife, a mother, as well as the leader of the movement to equalize the rights for women and minorities,” Williams said.

But, Gregory Bowman, dean of the Roger Williams University School of Law, who also saw Justice Ginsburg in-person, said her death was not just a loss for the equality movement.

“One of her enormous contributions was the idea that if anyone is discriminated against, we all are hurt by that,” Bowman said.

According to Bowman, the push from top Republicans to fill Justice Ginsburg’s spot, right before the presidential election, could hurt the nation, as well.

“That is not the sort of healing thing I think our nation needs right now. I think we should be thoughtful and careful about this and select somebody who will be right for the court and the country moving forward; whoever that might be,” Bowman said.

After seeing her in-person and following her work all through the years, both Williams and Bowman told ABC 6 News they planned to pay their respects, while watching her memorial service from home.

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