Local Cruise Line Discusses On Board Safety

For almost fifty years the Blount Small Ship Adventures Company has been cruising out of Warren on trips anywhere from Canada down to the Caribbean. Their motto is “to go where the big ships cannot.” Even though these are smaller ships which hold just under one hundred guests, it still follows the same guidelines any larger vessel would.

Peter DiMarco who is a Port Captain for Blount says that “the cruise industry is a very regulated industry.” Blount adheres to guidelines and laws set forth by the US Coast Guard. It's the Coast Guard that inspects all the vessels once a year as well as drills the crew on different disaster situations.  

Another way to keep passengers safe is to have them watch a safety video after they board the ship. It's a safety meeting that passengers on the Costa Concordia missed completely.

Not only do the passengers watch the safety video, they are made aware of the location of all life preservers as well as life rafts in case of an emergency. The crew is also well equipped for any crisis. They all have on board as well as outside training in crisis management, crowd control, CPR, and First Aid.