Local doctor to appear on “Katie”

By Dana Griffin


FALL RIVER, MA- 92–year old, Dr. Irving Fradkin says he knows what can keep people out of jail and crime rates low.

“The greatest asset is not oil or gold; it's the minds of the young people. If you don't give these kids a dream and a hope, they're going to take a gun to get it,” said Fradkin.

He was inspired to create a scholarship program back in the 50's after many of his optometry patients dropped out of school because they could no longer afford it.

Fradkin said, “That's a crime. That's a shame. If everybody gave a dollar, what a difference it could make for you.”

Dr. Fradkin founded Dollars for Scholars in Fall River, which turned into Scholarships America. Now, a national organization that's awarded over $3 billion dollars in scholarships.

Dr. Fradkin is no stranger to Katie Couric.

“I wrote a two–page forward in her book and she had said, you've got to get on this program,” said Fradkin.

The show airs Monday and was taped two weeks ago.

18 college graduates who would have never gone to school had it not had been for Dr. Fradkin, surprise him on set, thanking him for making their dreams come true.

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