Local expert weighs-in on partial government shutdown

With both houses of Congress struggling to compromise on a spending deal, a partial government shutdown is looming with President Donald Trump holding out for billions in funding for a border wall.

The house adjourned without reaching a deal at around 7:00 pm, assuring that a shutdown is likely.

A local political expert from Barrington is now weighing-in on the shutdown, and he believes it could last until the new year.

Kay Israel is a professor emeritus at Rhode Island college who said at midnight Friday 380,000 federal employees will be working without pay right before Christmas.

“They’re going to be going in and working strictly on the basis of their payment will come deferred later,” Israel said.

Israel believes that although the government has had its share of shutdowns, this one feels different. He calls it a “game of chicken.”

“It’s probably the first time when the president has been the one who has been responsible for the push and the shutdown,” he said. “Usually it’s a matter of trying to look for a compromise. I don’t know where the compromise is here.”

Israel said that if he had to guess, Mr. Trump might get some money for the border wall.

“I think he may end up getting a token amount,” he said. “I ddon’t think Congress wants to be backed into a position where they literally have to surrender.”