Local experts weigh in on dress controversy

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @SLavienABC6

The color of a two tone dress has captivated the twittersphere. Some, think it’s black and blue while others see white and gold.

“Blue and black,” said Kayla Zarella.

“Blue and black,” said Cecilia Zarella.

“Gold and white,” said Aaron Zarella.

“Well, now it’s blue and black but before it was gold and white,” said Jen Baker.

Even Governor Gina Raimondo weighing in on the controversy.

“Gold and white,” said Raimondo.

And, if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that people can’t agree. But, why is that.

“So I think what’s going on here is that different people are perceiving different light sources. So if, you look at the image, the dress looks like it’s under a blue illuminant and the background looks like it’s under a illuminate,” said Karen Schloss is an assistant Professor in the Cognitive, Linguistic Psychological Sciences Department at Brown University. “So I think what’s going on is that people are taking one interpretation or the other.”

Schloss broke down the coloring of the infamous dress in Photoshop.

“The blue or white part was a bluish color and the black or gold part was a goldish brown color,” said Schloss.

ABC 6 News also caught up with a local eye doctor who had a somewhat different take why people see the colors differently.

“I would guess that it is genetic and that it is linked to that x chromosome trait that we’ve been studying for years,” said Dr. Jacqueline Bouisvert of Rhode Eyeland in North Kingstown.

So, what color is the actual dress? It is blue and black sold by the British retailer Roman Originals.

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