Local Filmmaker Starts Work on Station Fire Documentary

An area filmmaker is honoring the victims of 2003's Station Nightclub Fire, with a new documentary that's set to be released next year, on the tenth anniversary of the fire.

The documentary is still very much a work in progress, as the man behind it, David Bettencourt, tries to get as much input as possible, from those directly effected by the fire.

“I've been learning just how scary it was that night.” said Bettencourt.

Bettencourt's documentary, called “The Station”, is meant to be a lasting memorial.

“A lot of time has passed litigation is over and we could just start researching and talking about this tragedy and helpfully hoping people heal.” said Bettencourt.

Much of the documentary is based on a book written by Station Fire survivor Gina Russo and writer Paul Lonardo.

The idea is to have it ready to go by the fire's 10th anniversary, next year.

“We really think that it will be perfect because there will be so much reflection at 10-years and to have something like a film to commemorate what happened, so it's not forgotten its preserved in history.” said Paul Lonardo.

And as the 10th anniversary draws near, Lonardo and Bettencourt, hope that the film will be helpful in getting the survivors and victims loved ones, something they've yearned for, a permanent memorial.

“A lot of survivors and family members would like something permanent and beautiful built on this site so this film is about raising awareness and everything we're doing is to do that over the next year.” said Lonardo.

The documentary should be released both online and in local theaters next year.