Portsmouth gun shop owner outlines consequences of high capacity magazine ban

PORTSMOUTH, R.I.(WLNE) — In 177 days, all firearms in Rhode Island exceeding 10 rounds per magazine will have to be reconfigured, sold out-of-state, or turned into authorities.

A bill limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds was signed into law, alongside two other gun regulation bills.

“When I heard the news, I was stopped in my tracks,” said Jeff Goyette, owner of Pocasset Arms in Portsmouth.

Goyette and other shop owners say they may have to soon alter their guns to full under the new legislation. This has denied customers of the sale of most of their inventory.

“60-75% of the firearms, with any of these dealers are probably going to accept over 10 rounds,” said Goyette. “So, we’ve got to sell them out-of-state, or block them? I’m not destroying thirty round magazines with blocks that someone can buy.”

Pocasset Arms is set to open their new Portsmouth location off Chase Road in weeks. Goyette said that he may soon be altering the magazine springs, rather than organizing the store.

“You have to make sure that each procedure that you do to any magazine is only going to accept the ten rounds. If you push [the spring] hard enough and it accepts 11 rounds, you’re a felon,” he explained.

Pocasset Arms said they are prepared for the potential of a major spike in ammunition costs, and other unknown financial consequences.

Goyette fears some will not be aware of the law enforced in 6 months and will be caught with high-capacity magazines.

“All of a sudden, now my livelihood and my life has just been destroyed, because I had a 30-round magazine that I didn’t know I had. I don’t think they’re thinking about what they’re doing,” he said.


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