Local gym outlines spike, steep fall of New Year’s resolutions

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE)– As 2023 nears, Southern New Englanders are ready to follow through on their fitness resolutions. Local gyms, meanwhile, expect membership spikes– and a steep drop shortly after.

American Muscle Corp in Pawtucket anticipates a 25% spike in memberships come January.

“You’re going to see that spike in time around 5 pm and it will go as late as 8 pm,” said Gail Bolden, owner of the gym. “We still have that now, but it’s not at an uncomfortable level where you have to wait for equipment or have to worry about someone being an equipment hog.”

The company expects less than 10% of the new members in January to be still active at the gym in February.

Bolden explains, “If they don’t see that weight loss right away and don’t see those muscle gains right away, then they’re like, ‘I’m done, I’m gone, I’m going somewhere else to spend my $5,000 on liposuction.”‘

Bolden has been working in the fitness industry for decades and has operated American Muscle Corp for three years.

“Every January, at least three people pass out and the number one reason is they came in all gung-ho, did cardio, did a group exercise class, now they’re working out on weights now,” Bolden added. “Three and a half hours later, they’re on the floor and I’m taking their pulse and asking if they are ok… There are two words they have to study– commitment and focus.”

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