Local Inventor’s Product Hits Store Shelves

By: Liz Tufts

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NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) — We first introduced you to Deanna Russo three years ago when she was working on her invention, the Bow K, in the basement of her home in North Kingstown.


It’s now hitting the shelves inside 130 AC Moore stores nationwide. She admits it’s been a long road.


“There were times I was told no, and I had to learn that no means not now, ” says Russo.


So Russo kept pushing her product and over the years it started to really take off.


 “It was a finalist on Martha Stewart’s American made, we entered the craft business awards for the UK and we won the best start up category,” explains Russo.


Russo came up with the idea after going to dozens of bridal showers. You remember those paper plates that bridesmaids use to try and turn ribbons into a bouquet for the bride to be? Russo created a much easier way to do it, turning a wedding shower tradition into something brides can keep forever.


“You can add bows, fake flowers, fresh flowers,” says Russo.


Russo has even bigger plans for the Bow K.


She sees it sprouting up just about anywhere.


“I envision it at grocery stores, at kiosks, maybe even edibles. If I had taken those no’s as no’s, I wouldn’t be standing here,” says Russo.



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