Local Jewish community condemns Paris terror attacks

By: Rebecca Turco

Email: rturco@abc6.com

PROVIDENCE – The local Jewish community is condemning the terror attacks in Paris.

“These attacks are barbaric,” said Jeffrey Savit, president of the Jewish Alliance of Greater RI. “What’s going on in France is deplorable and despicable and nobody should stand for it.”

Friday’s deadly attack on a kosher grocery store in Paris is leaving many feeling at a loss.

“We’ve tried to find ways of avoiding cultural responsibility by finding a villain – and right now, the villain is our own liberal acceptance of intolerance,” explained Mike Fink of Providence. He once lived in Paris and used to frequent the grocery store that was attacked.

He told ABC6 News that there were red flags for decades prior. “It wasn’t really a shock or surprise – it was just more like an appalling recognition of how much we’ve lost in the generations since World War II,” Fink said.

The Consulate General of Israel to New England, Yehuda Yaakov, condemned the attacks at a gathering in Providence on Sunday. “We do stand by the victims and their families, whose only crime was to defend freedom and defend their identity,” he said.

Yaakov feels that with all of these threats around the world, people need to stand united for peace and acceptance.

Many others agree. “We’re one. We’re together, we’re New Englanders,” said Savit. “And together, we share our love and support for Israel.”

Jews in New England and around the world are sending grassroots aid to Paris.

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