Local man’s brother on Amtrak train that crashed

By Matt Blanchette


Eight people are now confirmed dead after that train derailment outside of Philadelphia.

Imagine finding out a day after the crash that your relative was on that train when it went flying off the tracks..

That is what one Providence man is dealing with after getting a phone call this morning.

“He says are you sitting down? I said yes. He said I was in that train crash.”

Stephen Buteau stayed up all night watching news coverage of the devastating train accident outside Philly not knowing his brother was on board.

Thursday his brother Robert called him from a hospital bed at Temple University Hospital.

“You can tell I am alright but I have a broken leg. My companion has a broken arm and some scratches. They were on the third train from the front,” Stephen explains.

Robert and his partner were traveling by train from his home in San Diego to Providence to visit family.

  Stephen wanted to rush to his brother’s side but was told not to because of the scene right now in Philly.

“And today Stephen don’t even come down here and they have to interview me later. I lost half of my stuff. my cell phone.

Robert was one of 200 victims of the crash in which the train was taking a sharp curve at over 100 miles per hour, twice the legal speed.