Local Police Sergeant helping stray cats during winter

By Ana Bottary



Swansea Police Sergeant Dan Lowney is working to give stray cats in Swansea a place to go during the cold winter months. Sergeant Lowney says feral cats have been around for a long time in the town, but he’s now taking action, creating a water bowl and a man-made wooden shelter filled with hay.
"I was recently writing a report in the parking lot of Wendy’s restaurant and I saw a bunch of them off by the back of the woods, and I looked into possibly building some shelters for them," says Sergeant Lowney.
Lowney, who has always been an animal-lover, looked up the blueprints for the small shelters and called his brother-in-law, who is a carpenter, to help out. Using funds they collected through a GoFund me page, they were able to make their plans a reality.

"We’ve got five more to be built, four or five depending on the funds. So we will have a total of about nine or ten. We have three of them out there now," he says.

One of the shelters is located in Oaks Bluff, which Lowney says three to five cats use on a daily basis. The other two are located in back yards in the neighborhood, like Nora Emond’s yard, where Lowney put a shelter after learning of the generations of feral cats living there.
"That’s really great that they are doing that, absolutely. They need some place to sleep," says Emond, adding that the cats have responded well to the shelter.

"Three of the cats that I have are happy to be out back. You see them running around and playing and everything," she says.

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