Local professor recounts meeting Justice Ginsburg

BRISTOL, R.I. (WLNE) – Roger Williams University law professor Emily Sack mourned the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after meeting her and following her work for decades.

“It isn’t just women who mourn her loss. It’s really men, as well, because she really stood for equal rights for all people,” Prof. Sack said.

Sack met RBG nearly thirty years ago at a dinner in New York.

“She was, as you know, a very physically petite woman and I was just struck by how strong her inner core was despite that very petite stature,” Sack said.

But, Sack knew that before even meeting her. Sack worked with some of Justice Ginsburg’s former co-workers at the A.C.L.U., where Justice Ginsburg started the Women’s Rights Project.

“It isn’t just that she was book smart, she was also strategically clever in figuring out the best way to achieve the goals that she had set,” Sack said.

She inspired Sack to achieve her goals, as well, which included teaching; just like Justice Ginsburg.

“She was such a role model of mine and I had admired everything she had done legally and also just as a human being,” Sack said.

So, Sack said, Justice Ginsburg’s death affected her both professionally and personally.

“It was devastating and I think it hasn’t completely hit me, yet, because I feel sort of every day I have to remember that she’s gone,” Sack said.

A memorial was planned for RBG on-campus, but the details were not released as of Monday.

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