Local reaction to Trump immigration speech

GOP nominee Donald Trump delivering his much anticipated immigration speech Wednesday night vowing that "no amnesty" will be given for undocumented immigrants living in the United States under a Trump Presidency.

"Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation,” said Trump.

Trump continuing the hard line stance he’s held on immigration since announcing his candidacy.

"There will be no amnesty,’ said Trump.

While Trump didn’t say specifically what will happen to the 11 plus million illegal immigrants living in the country, he did make it clear they would not have a path to legal status under his presidency.

"I’m a little disgusted by it,” said Raul Figueroa a former undocumented immigrant. “I don’t believe that those are the words that should be coming out of somebody who is trying to be President of one of the greatest countries in the world."

Figueroa came to this country as an undocumented citizen. Though he’s now legally living in Rhode Island he says he has many friends and family who are not…

"I just don’t think that it’s fair,” said Figueroa.

That’s a sentiment shared by Leonedas Alponte who is currently living in the state as an illegal immigrant.

"For me he should divide between immigrants that are here for a good thing and immigrants that are here to commit crimes,” said Alponte.

Trump did vow to create a deportation task force. It would focus on removing illegal aliens that are most dangerous.

Trump supporter Jerry Zarella pleased with what his candidate had to say.

"I think he had to do what he had to do because he beat 16 people saying that he was going to deport people and I think he did what he had to do. I think he’s starting to realize there are some immigrants that are here that are here because of circumstances,” said Zarella.

A new poll from ABC News and the  Washington Post was released Wednesday. It has Trump and Hillary Clinton neck and neck when it comes to unfavorable ratings. Cinton with  59% percent and Trump 60%.

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