Local soldier injured in Afghanistan back home

By: liz tufts



It's hard to believe it's been just two months since Army Corporal Brandon Korona nearly lost his life on
the battle field. The 22–year–old Raynham native remembers every detail of
that day. Back in June, he was at the head of a convoy when it hit a 200 pound improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. “Someone said they had a bad feeling about it and sure enough
about 15 seconds later we were pretty much airborne, ” describes Korona.

Korona and five members of his troop were injured. His best friend Sgt. Javier Sanchez got the brunt of it and despite being badly injured himself, Korona did what he could to help his best friend. “We cut away his pants and found more and more injuries and
holes in his body it was terrible, says Sanchez.

Sadly Sgt. Sanchez didn't survive the explosion. Korona was seriously hurt, He broke his right ankle and the future of his left leg is still up in the air. “I could end up walking fine or lose my foot, ” says Korona.

He's gearing up to head back to Walter Reed Medical Center
in Washington DC for extensive therapy and while his future with the army is still unknown, he plans to win this fight even if its not on the battlefield. “I'm living on borrowed time, I'm going to take chances and
I want to get places I want to do things with my life and not waste it, ” adds Korona.

His family set up a fundraiser over facebook to help pay  for his trips back and
forth to Walter Reed. If you'd like to help click on this link: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/5ZYYc?fb_action_ids=10151752848612239&fb_action_types=fundrazr%253Astory_update&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582