Local veteran is home, and has his friends to thank for it

By Ana Bottary


Joseph McCarthy could not believe his eyes.The 90–year–old world war two veteran returning home after a double leg amputation to a new ramp leading up to his front door.

"I was surprised, it was so good," says McCarthy.

Knowing the extent of the surgery, his daughter tried planning ahead by reaching out to the veterans association to get a ramp built. But, no luck. She says she was told he didn’t qualify.

"It’s now based on income, whatever your income is there is a sliding scale and if you make too much. In dad’s case it’s only by a few hundred dollars a month, you can’t get help,"says Kathleen McCarthy

That’s when McCarthy’s former co–workers from the Electrical IBEW Local 99, stepped up, building the ramp.

"He has always been there for his brothers and sisters, with the local union IBEW and in the building trades in general. He has dedicated his life for giving for others and we want to give a little back," says Michael Daley, Business Manager of IBEW local 99.

"If they didn’t build it for me I’d still be in the house. I wouldn’t be able to get out, but the guys worked hard and I really appreciate it,"says McCarthy.

McCarthy tell us he’s lived in the home for the past 58 years, and plans to spend the rest of his days there. He says having the wheel chair ramp has made that possible.