Local Woman’s Decision Not to Run the Now Canceled NYC Marathon

By: Melissa Toupin


Thousands of runners were supposed to be lacing up their sneakers for the now canceled ING New York City Marathon today. One of the runners, an East Greenwich woman, pulled out of the race just before it was called off.

It was supposed to be Krista Jarrell's first NYC Marathon, but even after months of training she knew what she had to do. Still, the decision to walk away from the race did not come easy to the mother of eight who is not known for giving up.

Relief spread across her face Sunday. Jarrell content with organizers decision late last week to cancel the running of the 2012 marathon.

“We shouldn't have been running that race,” said Jarrell. “People's needs weren't being met.”

It's the first time Jarrell has pulled out of a race, having even ran this years Boston Marathon in the extreme heat. But this time she walked away from the NYC Marathon even before it was officially canceled on Friday, too torn up over the path of destruction hurricane Sandy left through the cities five boroughs.

“I thought I can't go,” said Jarrell. “These people have lost their homes. And here we're going to run a race. They're not going to be happy. So, it's going to be a very negative race.”

Weighing heavily on Jarrell's mind was her own cousin, living in the midst of the chaos in Manhattan. Jarrell was supposed to stay with her cousin while in the city for the race.

Even today, as the race was supposed to get underway, millions of New Yorkers remain in the dark.

“No water. No porter porta potties for them. And I'm thinking, when you run a marathons you're bringing in hundreds of porta potties, water, and here these people have lost their homes,” said Jarrell.

Many runners and residents alike are now asking why city officials took so long to make the controversial decision to hold off.

“Why are you doing this race? It was money. It was driven by money,” said Jarrell. “I can't run this.”

Many of the resources being brought in for the marathon, like the cases of water, will now go to the many victims of Sandy.

As for Jarrell, she deferred her spot and plans to run the race next year.