Looking for Tim: family searching for man who rescued loved one at Narragansett Town Beach

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) – A family is desperately searching for a man named Tim who saved the life of their Tim who nearly drowned.

“He’s a hero. He saved my husband. He pulled him out,” Vicki Huffman, Tim’s wife said. “His last thought when he put his head down and he couldn’t breathe is I’m going to die doing what I love in my favorite place in the world. He told me that’s what he was thinking. And he said, is anybody going to pull me out?”

It happened last week at Narragansett Town Beach. The Connecticut family visits Narragansett every September for a month and their favorite thing to do is boogie board.

Huffman says her husband, also named Tim, was boogie boarding when a wave smashed into him and fractured his C5 vertebrae. He lost all feeling and couldn’t move.

“He said he held his breath as long as he could and then he passed out,” Cindy Simms, Tim’s sister-in-law said. “The next thing he knew he woke up on the beach.”

Huffman was on a walk at the time. She and her sisters learned about what happened next through the eyes of bystanders on the beach.

They told her a man named Tim rescued their Tim, pulling him out of the water and stabilizing his neck. Several others stepped in to help, including a man named Arthur who couldn’t swim, but went in to help anyway. A woman named Sandy helped bring Tim to safety and a man named Eric went to the hospital to make sure Tim was okay.

The family has thanked everyone but Tim. As their Tim recovers in the hospital lucky to be alive and not paralyzed, they say they owe it to the man who saved him. They say they also owe the happy ending to their story to the community who they didn’t realize was there all along.

“Maybe he’s not real. Maybe he’s an angel that God just dropped there,” Huffman said. “What I’ve seen is the love that I didn’t know existed in this community. Tim and I come every September for a month, but we have never met the people; the kind and loving people. This is going to be a whole new place for me from now on.”

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