Lotto Mystery has Stop & Shop Buzzing

The winner of one of the country's biggest Powerball jackpots ever is still a mystery.

All day Monday employees at the Newport, Stop & Shop, where the winning ticket was sold, were been bombarded by phone calls and people coming in, asking if they knew, who won all that money.

Just ask 18-year Stop & Shop veteran, Deborah Watkins.

“Crazy, absolutely crazy. Everybody is approaching you, 'Did you win, I hope you won, do you know who won?' But the rumors are just flying.” said Watkins.

77-year old Howard Cote has helped Deborah field the dozens of calls that flooded in all day.

And most of the conversations he had were been pretty similar.

“'Did I win?' And I say, 'No. Did you ?'”

And until the winner goes public, there's more than a few theories about why they haven't come forward, just yet.

“I hope that they know that they're the winner and that they didn't throw the ticket away.” said Watkins.

“They're out getting a lawyer. Maybe divorcing their wife.” joked Cote.

Now there are a few things we do know about the winner.

According to store employees, the winner bought the ticket as part of a 9-dollar sale at the Stop & Shop at 6pm on Saturday night.

It's believed that the winning ticket was part of a sale of 3-Quick Picks and a Powerplay.