Love/hate for the first big snow

By Dana Griffin

PROVIDENCE, RI- The snow can be a
joyous experience, yet a pain for others. It's been a sort of love–hate
relationship with this first big snowfall. Crowds of people were out enjoying
the snow tonight, while others had theirs ruined by the parking ban.

At the Providence skating rink, the snow made for a
better winter experience.

Dylan Tindle said,
“Yeah I like it. I just love the snow.”

“You know, it's
Christmassy and you know it's not that bad. You know its New
England, we're sort of used to a little bit of snow,” said
one man, who was out taking pictures with his family.

As couples take a stroll
and cars cautiously roll through Kennedy
Plaza; the looming 9 PM parking ban
for Providence
has put a damper on some other's Saturday night.

“Well, we're having
a good time. There's only about a half an inch of snow out. We'd like to
continue our good times tonight and not have to worry about moving our cars with
such a little storm right now,” said one customer.

David Banks was also
unhappy with the parking ban. He said, “This is terrible; one inch of
snow! How can you have a good time? You wanna go out and get something to eat; you
gotta go move your car. Where?  Nobody

Most business owners can
agree, a certain amount of business is lost when it snows, but a local
restaurant owner says if the ban would have been held off until later, his
customers may have stayed a little longer tonight.

“It's nine o'clock,
that's dinner time. No one's gonna come out for dinner now,” said Philippe
Maatouk, owner of Katabar restaurant.


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