Lower credit card charge on parking meters proposed by Providence City Councilor

By Ana Bottary



Robert Manchester is a delivery driver for a local restaurant. When making stops in downtown Providence, he along with other drivers are only in parking spots for less than 5 minutes. Yet, they are charged for much more time.
"Its crazy, sometimes you come over here you have to go in for two seconds and then you come out and you have to pay all of that money,"says Manchester.
"You’re spending three dollars on the coffee, and three dollars on the space for three hours to park to get a three dollar coffee. Like that makes no sense,"says Grace Mullan.
People using their credit cards to pay for parking are being charged the max amount. One city councilor is trying to change that.
"The problem is, if you want to park for fewer than 2 hours you still have to pay the $2.50. I introduced a resolution to reduce the minimum charge to a dollar based on some research I did,"says Providence City Councilor Sam Zurier.
Zurier says in other US cities like New Haven and Atlanta the minimum is a dollar and New York has no minimum. We reached out to the city of Providence, who says the $2.50 minimum charge for credit cards has been in place since 2006, and that they have received no formal complaints about it. Zurier says he has spoken with store owners on their opinions.

"Merchants who have spoken to me, there first concern is lets not have meters at all. But what they have also said is if we have to have meters, could you please see if there is a way to reduce the minimum charge,"says Zurier.

Zurier says he will introduce his resolution to the city council at tomorrow nights meeting. He says they will have a debate about whether as a city council they have a position on this issue.

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