Luminaria display memorializes Attleboro COVID-19 victims

The display will be at Lee's Pond every night for at least the month of May.

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – If you drive past Lee’s Pond one night this month, you’re bound to see the park lit up by paper bags.

It’s simple. A black silhouette, on a white bag, with a light inside.

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“Just think about them. Have a solemn moment,” said Lions Club Member Pat Allard.

Those bags represent almost three dozen members of the Attleboro community, whose lives were unfortunately cut short by COVID-19.

“We’ll be lighting 35 bags. Hopefully we don’t have to light anymore as this continues,” said Allard.

The South Attleboro Village Lions Club got the idea from a similar event that’s usually done at the Relay for Life.

“And I was thinking it was another thing we were going to be missing,” said Allard referring to all of the charity events that have been canceled. “And I was thinking why can’t we do a luminary thing for the deceased people in Attleboro?

Each night the bags will be set up around Lee’s Pond where they can be seen from the road by passing cars.

Since it was raining Friday night, members of the club held the bags so they wouldn’t get wet.

“I hope the people that drive by just stop, take a minute, and remember all of the people that unfortunately passed because of this,” said Allard.

If you’d like to see it, the memorial will be set up every night until at least the end of May.

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